Our Team

Oz Solomon, CEO & Founder

Oz is the founder and CEO of Social Graph Studios, a leading Facebook applications company. Oz’s experience in the software business spans over two decades and includes areas such as management, software architecture, due diligence and strategic planning.

Prior to Social Graph Studios, Oz founded Experion, a consulting company specializing in management of software projects and R&D teams. Before Experion, Oz was Manager of R&D and Chief Software Architect at Cyber World Group, a solution provider for the online gaming industry.

Oz holds a joint bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from Tel-Aviv University.

You can contact Oz at or through his blog.


Vladimir Antonevich, Senior Technologist

Vlad brings over three decades of industry experience, having built complex systems ranging from medical imaging to financial market modeling to high scale web applications.

Prior to joining Social Graph Studios, Vlad implemented market modeling systems at ISO New England.  Prior to ISO New England, Vlad was a senior systems developer at Cyber World Group where he developed financial and risk & fraud systems for the online gaming industry.

Vlad holds a PhD in applied mathematics from Kiev Institute of Cybernetics and a Masters in Information Management Systems from Kharkiv State Polytechnic University.

You can contact Vlad at .