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We’ve successfully connected our highly engaged user base with hundreds of products and brands, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, Wrigley, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Sears, AT&T and many more. We are sensitive to preserving and strengthening the integrity of your brand in the social space and would welcome the opportunity to discuss what we can do for you.

Here are some facts about our user base:

  • Our applications have a reach of over 5 million users a month.
  • Our biggest markets are the United States (62%) and Britain (15%), Canada (5%) and Australia (4%).
  • Our applications are favored by women (72%) aged 18-44.
  • According to Facebook, our flagship application is the most highly ranked in user satisfaction.
  • Our average user spends nearly 10 minutes on our site and will come back over 50 times.
  • More information is available on Quantcast

Please contact us to learn more about how social media can work for your brand.


Who Have We Worked With?

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s top brands. Click here for a full list.

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Advertising opportunities include banners, videos and fully integrated campaigns.

Below are examples of past integrated campaigns on Status Shuffle.


Integrated Campaign Examples