Since 2007, Social Graph Studios has built numerous applications for the Facebook platform, and more recently, on the iPhone.  These applications have enjoyed tremendous success, and have been used by tens of millions of people throughout the world.

Status Shuffle ®

Status Shuffle is the largest collection of funny Facebook status messages on the Internet! Find a status you like, use it, and watch out for your friends’ comments! You can even share your own suggestions to see how popular they get!

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Gem Clash ™

A fast paced multiplayer match-3 game.

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Status Collage / My Year in Status ®

Recount all those witty and smart things you said last year! We look back on your statuses of 2010 and assemble them into an attractive collage that you can share with your friends.

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My Year in Photos ® / Photo Collage

My Year in Photos allows you to create beautiful collages from your 2010 photos. We use our secret sauce to figure out which photos best represent your year and let you customize it and choose from a large selection of great looking finishing touches.

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