Status Collage / My Year in Status

It’s fun to reminisce – to look back at the past year and remember what you were thinking, what you were doing, how you’ve changed.  By the way, have you lost some weight?  No?  Cuz you’re looking good.  Well, what if there was a funner way to look back on the year that was?

Every year tons of people take a stroll down memory lane with My Year in Status; an app that collects all of your statuses from the past year and presents them to you in a pretty, bite-sized collage that you can publish to your wall. Everything from your New Year’s Resolution, to how you embarrassed yourself at this year’s Christmas party! It might bring back some memories that make you smile or others that make you wonder what you were on!  Either way, there it is  – your thoughts, your feelings, your year in status.

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