Status Shuffle

Facebook is fun. Statuses are fun. What could make them funner? How about an app that randomly selects from MILLIONS of statuses on every topic from gummy bear attacks, to current events, to post-break-up heartache.

With Status Shuffle you can submit any status idea that comes to mind and see how popular it gets. Or you can just sit back and have a status randomly picked for your review. Like the status? Then set it and see how your friends respond!

How great is Status Shuffle? Here are some numbers:

  • We have over a million monthly users
  • Over 2 million statuses have been created, and nearly 4,000 more statuses are created every day
  • Over 350 MILLION statuses have been set, and over 500,000 more statuses are set every day

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But wait! There’s more! Now you can get the Status Shuffle app for your iPhone from the App store. In fact, it’s one of the top 5 social networking apps in the whole store!

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