Status Shuffle for the iPhone v1.5 released!

Today we released the latest version of Status Shuffle for Facebook and Status Shuffle Lite for Facebook on the iPhone!

The big new feature for this release is the ability to access your recently used topics from the Topics screen.  No longer will you have to scroll through the list of topics to find your favorite one, since the last 10 topics you’ve used are all available with just a touch.


You can see how this looks on my phone to the left, where Zombies, Skittles, and hockey make an appearance because that’s pretty much me in nutshell.  Thank you Status Shuffle for making my favorite things so abundantly clear.


We’ve also made adding Favorites quicker than ever, and improved the overall speed and reliability of the app.


For those of you using Status Shuffle Lite for Facebook, we’ve listened to your feedback and made two big changes:

  • We’ve increased the number of shuffles available in the Lite version by almost 4x!
  • We now let you keep using all the statuses you’ve downloaded after hitting the Lite version limit, so you can keep enjoying them forever.


If you’ve already got Status Shuffle the update is waiting for you now in the App Store, and if you haven’t, why not?  Go grab full version or the Lite version from the iTunes App Store.

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