New Status Shuffle favorites page for touch phones

Over the last few months, Status Shuffle has seen a huge increase in mobile usage.  Just this past month, there have been over 3 million visits to Status Shuffle from mobile web browsers and 6 million visits through the native iPhone app.

Since we don’t yet have a native Android app, we wanted to improve some of the mobile Status Shuffle browsing experience.  (This will also benefit Status Shuffle users who prefer the free web based interface over the native application).  Today we’re introducing the first improvement: A redesigned favorites page optimized for touch based phones.

In this new favorites page, tap on a status to use it, or swipe to delete:


Alternatively, you can can tap and hold for an Android-style popup menu with all the options:

Common Questions:

Q. Why can I only see 250 favorites?
A. If we show too many favorites at one time, your phone will become unresponsive.  For those with more than 250 favorites, we are considering adding other ways to access them, but we’re not sure yet when that will be available.

Q. On my phone it doesn’t look this good / it works funny
A. A lot of the older phone systems (e.g. Android 2.x, iOS 3.x) had a lot of bugs in their browsers that can affect the way Status Shuffle works.  Please upgrade to the latest software release for your phone to enjoy the best experience.  If your phone is a Blackberry, things may not work as expected, since we built Status Shuffle mainly for Android and iPhones.

Q. I’m on the iPhone, how do I get to Status Shuffle on my browser?  Every time I click on the Status Shuffle icon in the Facebook app, it takes me to the iTunes store.
A. For iPhone users we recommend the native iPhone app from the iTunes store since it provides a much better phone experience than the web version.  However, if you are unable to spend $0.99 for the app, you can still enjoy Status Shuffle on the web by either (a) bookmarking or (b) opening in Safari then clicking on the Status Shuffle icon in the applications link.

Q. Will this work on my Blackberry?
A. Although we built Status Shuffle mainly for Android and iPhone, it should work well on a Blackberry Torch.  To access Status Shuffle on a Torch, go to

Q. When will the rest of Status Shuffle be optimized for my touch phone?
A. We will slowly roll our even more improvements for mobile phone users, so stay tuned!

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