Landscape Screenshots in the Facebook App Center

According to the Facebook App Center Tutorial, you can have your app center page deliver a layout with landscape screenshots.  However, they don’t give you any hints as to what landscape means.  And, if any of your shots are not ‘landscape’, you get the standard portrait version.

We were working on the App Center page for My Year in Status (which will shortly be updated for 2012 – in the meantime, please use Status Collage which is not tied to any specific year). Through some experimentation, we were able to get the landscape layout.

The area provided for the larger thumbnail is 315w * 215h and calculated the aspect ratio which is  1.3125:1.  To verify that, we created a screen shot with red bars around the outside (1 px wide) then uploaded it.  It was 437w * 333h with an aspect ratio of 1.312:1.  It appeared with red bars around it in full glory.

Here is what it looks like:

Screen capture of My Year in Status App Center Page

For kicks, weI tried uploading one with a slightly different aspect ratio. It was 438:320 or 1.369:1.  It still appeared with the landscape format, however the bars at the sides were clipped off.

The smaller screenshots thumbnails are 155w * 110h which works out to an aspect ratio of 1.409:1.  Though we haven’t tried putting red bars around the images to verify.

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