Release 1.0 of Jewels x2

Social Graph Studios is pleased to announce the public launch of Jewels x2 today, December 31, 2012 with the deployment of release 1.0.

Jewels x2 extends the jewel matching game genre by adding real-time multiplayer game action.  Players play head to head on the same board at the same time. Jewels x2 is highly social; players can challenge their friends or be matched with players they have not met.

“Jewels x2 is designed to maximize fun and excitement. It’s frenetic and thrilling. We had a vision of building an amped up jewel matching game that leverages our understanding of social technology. We are very proud of our work,” said Oz Solomon,  CEO of Social Graph Studios.

Jewels x2 can be played at:

Release 1.0, added the following things to Jewels x2

Timed Game – Games now last 90 seconds.  The player with the most points after 90 seconds wins the game.

Friend Bar – Players will see their friends directly in the friend bar at the bottom of the screen.  This allows players to more easily challenge each other and compare their rankings against each other.

Improved Look and Feel – Many of the dialogs and popups in the game have been restyled to look better and be easier to use. The most notable change is the Score screen that players see at the end of the game.

Bug Fixes – Many bugs have been fixed and the overall stability of the platform has been greatly improved.

“Social Graph Studios has great plans for Jewels x2. Look for us to start our marketing campaign early in 2013,” added Solomon.

Happy New Year!

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