Whats in a Name?

You know the competitive jewel matching game that Social Graph Studios has been building for the last year? If you think that its Jewels x2, then you would be wrong. We are changing the name.

Why? Good question.

Jewels x2 was originally chosen to communicate the following messages:

  • It’s a jewel matching game
  • Players play against each other

The problem is that, with the exception of one person, Jewels x2 was not loved. Most people did not understand that ‘x2’ meant head-to-head multiplayer. Though, once it was explained to them or they saw the game, understanding game easily and quickly. Additionally, I think, it didn’t really sound fun. And who wants to play a game that doesn’t sound fun?

Well, if you look at the stats, it turns out that we were getting a reasonable click through rate on our ads in the beta trial, so I guess lots of people. The visual elements of the ad may have been a larger factor than the name of the game, but we weren’t sure. So we decided to run some tests.

We decided to test out a few different names and see how people responded. After a brainstorming session we came up with these names (shown in no particular order):

  • Jewels x2 (original huh?)
  • Jewel Rivals
  • Jewel Duel
  • Gem Clash
  • Jewel Feud

We tested the names by inviting people to join our beta test program. The only difference between the invites was the name of the game. To be counted as a vote for the name, people had to provide their email address.

The winner won in all categories:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Total Clicks
  • Cost
  • Conversion Rate
  • Total Conversions

All told, the winner scored 26% higher than the runner up.

So who is the winner?

First, I was most surprised at the runner up.  Jewels x2. It actually scored 13% higher than third place. So Jewels x2 was not so bad a name after all.

And second, Jewel Duel was last. By a lot. Not sure why. Maybe people don’t like internal rhyming.

Finally, the winner is (drum roll please) – Gem Clash. We hope you like it. Actually, we are counting on you liking it. 😉

We are working on logos, trademarks, domain names, changing the name of the game in the code, and modifying all the key art, etc. We’ll post up the new logo as soon as it’s complete.

I thought I would also mention the Video Game Name Generator. Lots of funny names.

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