Introducing: The Imagizer

This post is long overdue.

We are trying out a new feature on Status Shuffle on Facebook that we call the Imagizer. (Note this is only a test, so its not available on the iPhone or the mobile web yet).

The imagizer lets you put a status on a background and post it as an image to your Facebook timeline.

Here is what it looks like:

The Imagizer: Lets you place a status on a background picture

You can access the imagizer two ways.  First you can click the new Images tab at the top of Status Shuffle.

Ways to get to the Imagizer

Next, while setting a status, you can click the new Make an Image button on the Set Status popup.

Create an image from a Status Shuffle status

When clicking the images tab, the Imagizer will appear as a blank canvas to let your wild imagination freely create amazing statuses. Clicking the Make an Image button populates the image with the selected status. But you can still edit it if you want.

We beta trialed this in the UK for about 2 weeks in January 2013 and opened it to the world on January 29.  If people like it, we will keep it for longer. However, right now we are just trialing it to see what people think of it. Its going to be up until, at least, February 15, 2013. So, if you like it, let us know.  Or better yet, get all your friends to use it 🙂

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