Happy Birthday Status Shuffle for iPhone

February 7, 2013 is Status Shuffle for iPhone’s 2nd birthday

Status Shuffle for iPhone celebrates its 2nd birthday today!  Status Shuffle for iPhone first appeared in the App Store on February 7, 2011.

A lot has changed in the world since the app first launched: iPad2, iPhone 4S, iPad3, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPod Touch5, iOS4.3, iOS 5, iOS 6, the arab spring, the tsunami in Japan, hurricane Sandy the Olympics and the birth of at least 260 million people.

Status Shuffle for iPhone has also changed. Not as much as the rest of the world but we are proud of the progress. Some of the changes that really stick out in our minds include:

  • Vastly improved the user experience design so that it’s much easier to use
  • Swapped the graphic design for one that is more mature and pleasant to look at
  • Added VoiceOver support so that people with low vision or who are blind can use the app
  • Supported all the new devices and OSes that Apple launched
  • Supported all the changes to their APIs that Facebook introduced

In celebration of Status Shuffle for iPhone’s 2nd birthday, we are going to offer the app for free all day today (February 7, 2013) in the iOS App Store. So don’t miss out on your big chance!

Here is the link:


Its already scheduled with Apple.  And, according to our research, the time it goes free is relative to your time zone.  So, in other words, it should be midnight to midnight for everyone around the globe.  Cool!

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