Status Shuffle for iPhone, the Mobile App for Finding the Perfect Facebook Status Update, Accessed 90 Million Times Over Its Two-Year Existence

Toronto, ON, February 7, 2013 – The iPhone version of Status Shuffle for Facebook launched 2 years ago on February 7, 2011. It has since been used 90 million times by 1.1 million people.   Status Shuffle allows people to browse through a database of millions of community moderated statuses to find one to fit their mood and use it to set their Facebook Status.

“Status Shuffle is a perfect fit for mobile,” said Oz Solomon, Social Graph Studios’ founder and CEO. “People can shuffle through our statuses by swiping and tapping and then can set their Facebook status without typing.  Shuffling through all our funny, inspirational and poignant statuses is great entertainment and lots of our users spend some of their idle time with us for that reason.”

To celebrate the two year anniversary of Status Shuffle on the iPhone, Social Graph Studios will be offering the full version of Status Shuffle on the iPhone for free on February 7, 2013 in the iOS App Store.

Status Shuffle helps users find a status message to post on their Facebook Timeline.  The application selects from 3.3 million crowd-sourced statuses using a proprietary shuffling algorithm and recommendation engine that suggests statuses that users are more likely to care about and engage with.

Status Shuffle users automatically moderate the content simply by using Status Shuffle.  People have set their status, voted on statuses, shared statuses or saved a status as a favorite more than 1.6 billion times using Status Shuffle via the web, mobile web and iOS apps.  The Status Shuffle engine combines these signals with user demographic information to determine which statuses are relevant and likely to resonate.

Status Shuffle for iPhone is available and works on recent iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It builds on the Status Shuffle Facebook app and shares the same database.  This means that iOS users have full access to all Status Shuffle statuses and that a user’s favorites will be available on both iOS and web versions of Status Shuffle.

Status Shuffle for iPhone is also accessible to the blind, visually impaired and people with print disabilities using VoiceOver and Zoom.

“We saw a lot of requests from visually impaired people to use Status Shuffle,” said Solomon. “So we added full VoiceOver support.  Status Shuffle has been accessible for over a year and that is something we are very proud of. We get lots of comments from people thanking us for doing this. We hope that lots of these users will take advantage of the 2 year anniversary giveaway.”

People interested in using the Status Shuffle iPhone application can find it in the iTunes store at  Status Shuffle Lite (free version) is available at Status Shuffle is also available as a Facebook app at: Status Shuffle is supported on Android via the mobile web version of the app

Status Shuffle on Facebook was the original flavor of Status Shuffle and it was launched over 5 years ago. “We saw tremendous growth in social apps over the last 5 years and then tremendous growth in mobile apps over the last two. We are excited to be at the convergence of both social and mobile,” said Solomon.

About Social Graph Studios

Founded in 2007, Toronto-based Social Graph Studios creates, distributes and markets social and mobile games and apps.  Social Graph Studios has created several other social apps including Status Collage, Photo Collage, My Year in Status and My Year in Photos.  Social Graph Studios’ newest product is a social game called Gem Clash. Gem Clash offers real-time, head to-head competitive jewel matching.

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