Social Graph Studios Ups the Ante Within Jewel Matching Genre, Adding Real-Time Head-to-Head Social Game Play on Facebook With Gem Clash

Social Graph Studios Ups the Ante Within Jewel Matching Genre, Adding Real-Time Head-to-Head Social Game Play on Facebook With Gem Clash

Highly social gameplay just one of many features that encourages strategic play and adds surge of adrenaline to jewel matching category of games

Toronto, ON, April 17, 2013 – Social Graph Studios pushes the boundaries of the jewel matching genre by offering real-time social game play with Gem Clash. Players play against their opponents simultaneously on the same board. They see each other’s moves and compete to earn the most points in 90 seconds. Gem Clash is free to play.

“We wanted Gem Clash to bring something really new to social gaming on Facebook,” said Oz Solomon, CEO of Social Graph Studios. ”No one has ever built an online jewel matching game where players play against their opponent on the same board at the same time. It’s frenetic, thrilling and a lot of fun to play”.

Gem Clash is a casual, social, jewel matching game on Facebook. Its patent pending technology allows players to compete against each other in real-time on the same board. Players see their opponent’s matches as they are made and compete to be first to slide a gem to make a match.  Collisions are common and add to the excitement as only the first person to make a match earns points.

Gem Clash is highly social. Players can play their friends to see who the most skilled jewel matcher is.  Players can also choose to have the Gem Clash player matching system match them against a random player logged into the system. The graphics, sounds and effects in the game amplify the competitive experience no matter who the opponent is.

Gem Clash has several features designed in to encourage strategic play. Players earn bonus points for combo matches. Matching larger sets of jewels leads to bombs and vortices that generate large amounts of points.

Other features that players will find in Gem Clash include:

  • Skill-based ranking system – Players earn or lose rank points, called Gems, when they win or lose games. Gem Clash will match players against other players that are similar in rank to maximize the challenge and fun of every game.
  • Power-Ups – Players can use power-ups to improve their game. Power-ups can be used to give players hints on possible matches, to scramble all the jewels on the board or earn bonus points. Players can earn power-ups by playing games.
  • Training Games – Players who do not feel ready to pit their skills against a human opponent can practice against a computer opponent.  Jewels will design training games to stretch a player’s capability and push them to improve their skills.

Gem Clash is an easy game to play, but a difficult game to master.

“Our mission is to make an amazing game which fans of the puzzle and arcade genres will love to play. I think that Gem Clash has already met that objective. Even so, we plan to keep building new features and content in Gem Clash. The launch is just the beginning,” said Solomon.

Gem Clash can be played for free on Facebook at:

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