More Ways to Enjoy Status Shuffle for Free on the iPhone

Today we released Status Shuffle for iPhone and Status Shuffle Lite for iPhone version 2.5 sporting a modern flat iOS7 look.

The most exciting news for this release is that Status Shuffle Lite will now let you shuffle 1500 times (up from 150 times), which should allow you to enjoy Status Shuffle, for free, for a long time.

Another way to access Status Shuffle for free is through our new mobile website (read our announcement).  You can easily add the website to your homepage, and it will look and behave  similarly to the full app:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the browser’s Share icon (on iOS7 this looks like a box with an upwards arrow)
  3. Click Add to Home Screen
  4. Click “Add” at the top/right of the screen
  5. You will now see a Status Shuffle icon on your home screen!

Creating a Status Shuffle app by adding the Status Shuffle mobile website to your home screen

Although the full iPhone app has advantages over the mobile website such as offline shuffling, better speed and a more refined look, the mobile website it a great substitute for casual Status Shuffle users.



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