The New Status Shuffle Mobile Website for Android and iOS

Testing the Status Shuffle mobile website

Testing the Status Shuffle mobile website

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a big shift to mobile Facebook consumption.  These days, more and more people access Facebook through their phone.   The Status Shuffle iPhone app has been a great solution for iPhone users.  But what about Android?

Today we’re taking the first step in addressing the needs of our Android users by releasing a mobile optimized Status Shuffle website.  The website, which works on Android 2.3+ (as well as the iPhone), features many of the same features of the iPhone app, and runs right in your browser.

For Android 4+ users, we recommend that you use Google Chrome to access the Status Shuffle website, as it will give you a faster experience with less visual quirks.

Let us know what you think!  As always, if you find a bug or if you experience any technical difficulties, please contact our support team.

Android Screen Shot

Status Shuffle mobile website running on the Samsung Galaxy S3

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